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    How did you get into anime/manga?

    I got into anime only last summer, and that was only for Naruto. Before that, I thought anime was poison.0__0 Anyways, I got into Naruto after I saw some parts of a subbed episode of Naruto.(Somewhere in the Haku arc...) I thought it was very entertaining, so I began to watch more episodes of it, and then eventually became a fan.
    I got into my second fave anime-Bleach- December-ish 2007. I had recently told a classmate that I liked Naruto, and she immidiately responded,"Oh, you have to watch Bleach then." So I did, (the subbed version) and liked it. After I had caught up on that, I started to watch other animes.

    Manga I got into around this January, after I finished the anime and wanted more Naruto. I began to read more manga too, and now I like around 8 series.XD

    How about you?
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    Well the first anime I got into was Dragonball Z. It used to be shown on Sunday mornings in my area a loooong time ago. At the time I didn't even know what anime was haha. After that I just caught anime here and there, and now I watch it every chance I get.

    Now as for manga, I have gotten into that more recently. I fell in love with the Naruto anime, and picked the manga up around the rescue Gaara arc, after the time skip. I then realized how manga > anime, and now I read a several mangas religiously.

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    The first time I came across anime was Toonami way back in the day (1999 I do believe). The first anime was Sailor Moon and the second was Dragonball Z. The only reason Sailor Moon was the first is because it came on earlier than DBZ did lol. And then, when I was living in Okinawa, Japan, Pokemon and Digimon controlled my anime life for a while. I was introduced to One Piece via 4kids but was impartial to it since I wasn't familiar with subbed anime yet. A while later, Naruto (series) came into the picture. I used to hate Naruto with a passion all because I sucked at a particular videogame (Naruto GNT series for ppl familiar with the japanese version) but that was cuz I was just beginning to play it lol. I finally got into Naruto after I saw the VOTE fight just before all the fillers.

    Naruto was also the first manga I began reading. I picked that up around the VOTE fight too. Probably cuz the anime and manga were right on top of each other back then lol. One Piece was the second manga I started actively following. And last but not least, Bleach fills out my list, I picked that up rather recently compared to the others. Right around the Grimmjow fight. These three, I actively follow now.

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    School and helping out at just kills me i miss this place.......
    im sorry to say but ill probably almost never get a chance to go on here but if you ever need me..............

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    I first got into anime when my dad took me to see My Neighbor Totoro when it was in Theaters (it was in theaters in America!) It was either late 80s or early 90s. I was quite young at the time but I remember liking it. Then I got into sailor moon a few years later.

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    Anime started with DBZ of course. I picked it up because giant fireballs caught my interest and before I knew it I was screaming "Kamehameha!" at passing cars. Then I became interested in Gundam because giant fighting robots are just too freaking awesome. Then when I finally got decent internet I started looking up shows on Youtube and such because I heard subs were better.

    As far as manga goes I just happened to pick up a copy of Shonen Jump at my local Wal-Mart. Again, due to the fact that it had Dragonball Z on the cover. I saw Naruto in it and wanted to read more of that. Then I found various manga sites on the internet and eventually this site and the rest is history.

    So yeah, were it not for DBZ I would not be the Otaku I am today. ^_^

    Props to Ravona for the awesome sig! Noel is the greatest and I challenge you to prove me otherwise!

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    i dnt know what was my first anime, since i used to watch em all the time on tv, detective konan ,mayb DB or HXH , dnt really remember, they were n Arabic so i didnt know they were called "anime" <<tht was dummy,,i so kno
    at around 2004 i met my friend, and she told me all about it, she was an anime freak since her

    manga were around september 2007 , i read bleach, then moved to death note, psyren..etc

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    Guess I started when I watched Dragon Ball, Robotech and Fist of the Northstar when I was a kid. That was around the mid to late 80s. Can't recall what exactly it was since my memory is a bit hazy. But I was always into reading and watching all sorts of animations and manga/comics to help develop and expand my artist talent.

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    well the first anime I really got curious about was Naruto, and I found out 'bout manga from wikipediaXD, I watched Death Note and Bleach shortly after and I've been on a roll sinceXD but I unknownly watched dubbed stuff on tv like, in elementary times

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    Like alot of people here, my anime career started with Dragonball Z after my friend recommended it. Loved it ever since went home every day to watch it on time.
    I even quit football to watch it. After that came Cardcaptor Sakura which began early in the morning, but still I didn't want to miss one single episode and kept watching and loving it. After I while I heard from Naruto on the internet and decided to download one special. I think it was the special involving drinking of water or something like that.
    Anyways, after I watched it I though it was pretty funny and decided to download the episoded. 2 years later I discovered bleach on youtube and I thought it was cool and decided to follow it. When Naruto had 2 week break I discovered manga and kept reading and loving it. A couple of months later I though I should read the Bleach manga, and now I am hooked on manga and anime series ever since.

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