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Thread: Sasuke's Eyes

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    MS doesnt damage the user eyes.. is the type of/ and power of the jutsu u use when u use it... The higher the power the higher the risk... I dont think u "aquire" Tsukuyomi and Amakeratsu when u obtain MS.. those are techniques develop by Itachi just as the spce/dimiension jutsu was develop by Kakashi... but since this are Dojutsu the eyes are damage... thats all.. not just because u change from S to MS your eyes will get damage.. the reason Itachi is not MS always is cause it does drain a lot of chakra.. thats why he always in S.. since he is Uchiha that doesnt drain him much..

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    wat they mean is that if u pump a lot of chakra into ur eyes ofcourse the yr going to get damaged. a lot like naruto's 4-tail transformation. and MS uses a lot of chakra.

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    Good comparision blancwolf... for more infod of the MS power you should check chapter 257 where there is little talk about MS power and some effects of using him like you got ...fatiguead and withdraw form the fight...

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    uk baby yeh!
    :O i cnt belive this is going to be said but.... good one blancwolf nice comparison and ive never realy fort about the chakra requirements to substain the ms until now just the chakra the moves use. a theeory on why kakashis ms jutsu is hard to aim just poped into my head two i fink its because of dethpeception because he only has one ms eye to aim the jutsu.
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    I dont think he has it at the moment, but I'm confident that he'll get it sooner or later.

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    I think Sasuke could surpass Itachi's eyes BUT, that doesn't mean that Sasuke can BEAT him.

    For example, If you have a better weapon than someone in a war, it doesn't mean that you will always win, like the other person could use his lowly weapon effectivly and win.

    I haven't got a better comparision than Blanc wolf's (Good one, by the way) so, if someone could think of a better, that would be great.

    I mean Sasuke could use his better eyes, but then Itachi could use a better technique and kill him.
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