I just heard recently that funamatin studiod is going to dub d. grey amn. oh my god I am so happy. I hope they make Kanda's vice smexy and all retarted because somehow it ends up that way. I really don't know when they are going to premire the showings of dgm. I hope it is soon!!!! And remember never get images, and i will show you why. let me work my magic::::
Kanda in a showgirl outfit
Komiu in a showgirl outfit
Lavi asking leenalee for a date in front of komiu(won't end so well)
Allen asking komui about the 'birds and the bees'
Kanda wearing pigtails(there will be lots of confusion)
and granpa jiji in a thong
NO FLAMES i just got of the kitchin.. YAY
Kenpachi-sama out!!!!!!!!