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    I would like to have blackbeards opposite. Lightness to make it so light that no one can se anything then push them in the sea water. =) lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by trebay57 View Post
    I'd want Mr.1's devil fruit power. That way, I could handle a knife and not really worry about being cut. Heh, in fact, I'd be a knife.
    that would turn making-love into a truly brutal act

    ild want the invisible fruit BUWAHAHSHA *mind in t3h gutter*

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    invisibility, with x-ray and the ability to walk through walls. definitely for me! (and i can control the powers like on n' off, o.o unlike the invisible man (the novel) where he can't haha)

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    i think its between aces and enels for me

    enels would be more useful sure...but aces looks so damn awesome

    kinda tempted by smokers as well cos u could smoke for ever without having to worry about ur health :L

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