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    thsv why Russians. why does it always have to be bloody Russians .

    /me pours some water over redfuzzy . now stay wet so you dont do anything stupid.
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    erm... Mangashare is the perfect place to rehabilitate

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    Will the irc java client be re installed?
    Quote Originally Posted by Hand Banana View Post
    If Pow wrote the manga it would be accurate as fuck lol. I stand behind Pow(while humping his leg) on this one.
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    Glad to see that the group isn't dying. Will look forward to you guys getting back to full strength
    Can you scanlate? Then consider scanlating Air Gear. Either join an existing team like Kuu, or start a new team. But Air Gear is in desperate need of scanlators and you could be the difference between crazy smiling grateful fans and the internet breaking down because they had nothing else to do but watch porn. Think about it.

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    bleh mangashare is actually one of the most well built forums ive been on.

    and you can't get redfuzzy wet or he'll die!

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