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    D.Gray-man Ideas For A D. Grey Man fanfic

    well you see i have been working on a fanfic and this is what i have so far:::

    I do not own D. grey man

    This is my first fanfic so don’t hurt me if it sounds crappy and stuff like that.

    This story is about the hyperactive lovable red head we all know and love!!

    So, read and enjoy with no flames!!

    What have you done to yourself? You are a pitiful lowlife. You are not supposed to love only to record. That is your destiny: to record history. Nothing more will you do. You are supposed to think that every human is trash and nothing more, or, as the bookmen say, ink that is used to write our history. Ho much ink does there have to be to make you into that very same ink you are using? What makes you able to not love? You just record and that is all you are supposed to do. You are meant to walk this road. The road that is traveled by oh so many, you are supposed to walk that road with no second thoughts in mind. You are not supposed to think only listen. That is your job, your destiny.

    I am here at the cliff where the head quarter is. I woke up this morning fooling everyone with my smile. My smile is only but a empty expression. My smile, no, my 49th personality’s smile is only for show. I am not a person that deserves the precious gift of live, I deserve nothing and that is that. My destiny is set and that is it. I walked to the cafeteria to get some breakfast. Ah, jerry’s cooking smelled so wonderful. I wondered how he made the plainest food, soba for example, into a master piece. I wish I could do that: make everyone happy by doing something in there favor. I wish I wasn’t on this cliff doing what I am going to do, but I know deep down it would solve so many problems if I just faded away in the history I was recording….
    and that is it feel free to add or please give me ideas for other fanfics. i enjoy any couple and would be glad to write anything you ask. it will take me some time to get it just right. i am best at sappy drama romance starys but i am really good at other plots too. just give me ideas and the couple and i will write it and i will hope fully send it to you. if you think that little story that i am still not done with is so i think it is crappy constructive critizume will help. just please don't be too mean. the words up there are 355 words. so i need more help me or give me ideas or you can request a story and i will send it to you. well thanks for reading and hopefully helping!!!!! oh and that story up there is a kandaxlavi fanfic. love that couple.
    kenpachi out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    It's great. You should also get a Beta to read your story on your site.

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    its good so far, but you really should'nt be asking everyone on the site for advise. As an author you have to take into consideration that the people that you are asking may want to read you fanfiction and if they giv you ideas it will ruin it for them. Instead find one to five other fellow authors and ask them. At least that is what I think you dont really have to take it into consideration.What iseeandwitness said is also a good idea.

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