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    Good chapter, kinda sad to hear that Mana and Allen's relationship may be because of the 14th.

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    Wow this's been the best D.Grayman chapter i've had...since probably the start of the year. It was just done with so much class...they didn't ruin the moment when Cross hugged Allen, they advanced the Allen-Linalee relationship (more development there ya go), and the art's back to simple, bold, and beautiful. Tops.

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    I wonder how Allen is going to take this news. Knowing that the 14th is trying to take over him and what will he try to stop it. After what happened with Lenalee and Allen during the Miranda incident I don't think she'll let Allen leave. He may try, but she'll definitely go after him even though he doesn't want to kill anyone close.

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    I'm not sure I like Mana as much as I did. But, still, I feel that Mana might actually have loved Allen.
    Right now I see the 14th more as an enemy than a good guy. And for Cross to let Allen know that he might have to kill people close to him when he's "changed". For Allen that is the worst case scenario.

    I can't believe that the truth behind the 14th was like this. I thought that Allen might have inherited the powers, not that he would turn into the 14th himself. Don't you dare disappear Allen. T^T

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    well life sure seems to like punching allen in the gut. after such a nice cover page, it's nothing but bad news for poor allen. obviously allen is now going to try and find a way to get rid of the 14th, either with komui and companys aid, or he'll leave to find a way himself.

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    Waaaah~! DOn't disappear, Allen!!! I don't want him to become the fourteenth! and that part where Cross hugged Allen was so sweet. T-T and I'm really liking Hoshinos new art style ^^

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    Quote Originally Posted by Christi View Post
    Don't know :/ For me the drawings are different >_< I don't like this kind of 'new style'...
    Actually i'm finding these kinda drawings really similar to her earlier chapters, like say chapter 1-50 (arbitrary guess). Oh well either way its up to you to decide how you want to take the art.

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    you know what? sometimes I'm not sure myself...
    I-I....i'm not sure what to say......Allen, oh poor allen. he's the last person to deserve this, my god. ;__; the whole time i was reading i was just stunned, i could never predict that! its terrible! i have a feeling that Allen might try to take his life so this doesn't happen O__O i just can't see him accepting that he'd kill someone he loved, its against every fiber in his being! i think that Mana did love Allen though, there is something about him that seems genuine. but who will he kill? i think it would be Lenalee, Hoshino showing that scene right after kinda gave that intention. but really, how is Allen gonna fix this?

    the cross and allen moment was just the icing on the cake. i like Cross that way, he's still aloof but loving all the same. he can still tease tiedoll though, this is serious and i don't see him calling Allen his cute student. O__o

    what scares me is that the earl might know D: if he does, then he'll definitely try to manipulate Allen to take out his loved one or maybe use it to make Allen take his own life to prevent it is worst comes to worst, its messed up that the 14th is now more harm than help D:< hopefully Allen figures it out,but what is he willing to do to prevent it, and will they even let him? it breaks my heart when Allen suffers alone, oh wait! but Lavi heard! snaps! maybe he'll make Lavi keep it secret? i think that line between exorcist and bookman is gonna get even thinner for Lacvi to handle now. he can't interfere with this, but what will he choose i wonder?
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    Poor guy...the world hates it just coz he has the 14th in him...and did Mana even love Allen at crushing.

    I do find it a little strange that Cross was nice and caring for a bit there...WAS THAT EVEN REALLY CROSS!

    Ahh...things are moving in crazy directions...


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