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    Quote Originally Posted by Cryowolf View Post
    They can't make Ichigo kill any manga character, and they can't make him go Vizard vs Soi-Fon...But what annoys me is that he has no will to fight at all, had it been in the manga he woulda just gone bankai and kicked her ass instead of cowering.

    Soi-Fon is also incredibly stupid, and every Captain is highly ungrateful and short sighted, narrowminded and just dumb....

    Well just another 30-40 weeks of fillers and we can see manga again!
    Not only that, but Soi-Fon mentions that Ichigo isn't use to hand to hand combat. WTF?!! Ichigo's father has been training him in hand to hand for how long?! In the very 1st Chapter/Episode he whoops 3 Guy's asses w/ out even breaking a sweat. NOW that he's a Shingami he has NO hand to hand skills?!

    Terrible Storyline, Terrible Writing, & Poor Devlopement for The Main Character.

    I'm not saying Ichigo needs to be unstoppable, but him not being able to defend himself just seems stupid!

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    <Sigh> Aizen sama i take back any bad thing i have said about you. Its okay for you to always be right all the time. Really, all i require is you get this weak-ass filler arc of the air. Come and show them what it means to be a cuniving evil genius.

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