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    Bleach Episode 181

    Bleach Episode 181 has been released in Raw. The Episode is entitled: "The 2nd Division Sorties! Ichigo is Surrounded". Dattebayo has subtitled Bleach episode #181. You can now download this episode via bittorrent by going to dattebayo's bittorrent tracker. OR wait for my provided Direct D/L(s).

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    thanks dude, but where can i watch it for free.

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    pretty crap chapter, pretty crap filler i guess, but we get to see ichigo and amagai go head to head next episode!
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    This episode sucked as usual (because it's a filler) I hoped for some fight(Ichigo vs Soifon) but Ichigo got pushed around like some low-ranked shinigami....

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    By the looks of things the filler's seem to be coming to an end-FINALLY-i wonder how they will kill amagi sousuki off-it would be cool if Ichgo killed him-and yea i agree with the ova guy-cnt believe ichigo got pushed around so easily by soifon
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    Wow. How come like make Ichigo look weaker than Don Kannojii? With no will power and completely helpless?


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    At least that big bald guy had a kinda cool release. Even though he did nothing after that, but it wasn't to bad. Reminded me of the espada that Ikkaku killed
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    Quote Originally Posted by luki View Post
    This episode sucked as usual (because it's a filler) I hoped for some fight(Ichigo vs Soifon) but Ichigo got pushed around like some low-ranked shinigami....
    agreed, if it were in the manga ichigo would r*** soifon,btw one day i want to see the expression in the captains faces when they see ichigo with the hollow mask

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    horrible. absolutely horrible episode
    i keep downloading these episodes, then i skip through it start to end in around 3 minutes.
    i dont even want to know what's goin on. just checkin for cool scenes
    i would love to inflict pain on the decision makers for that show. just enough pain to have them think twice when the idea of a filler ark crosses their mind again
    but anyways... somethin just didn't seem right... i saw ichigo holdin his sword up to some dude's neck in front of soifon maybe.... aren't they supposed to know who ichigo is??? shouldn't they know there is no way in hell he'd kill that dude?

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    They can't make Ichigo kill any manga character, and they can't make him go Vizard vs Soi-Fon...But what annoys me is that he has no will to fight at all, had it been in the manga he woulda just gone bankai and kicked her ass instead of cowering.

    Soi-Fon is also incredibly stupid, and every Captain is highly ungrateful and short sighted, narrowminded and just dumb....

    Well just another 30-40 weeks of fillers and we can see manga again!

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