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    Talking Weekly Shonen Jump - ToCs and Discussion

    And so I'm opening this thread hoping to gather a few Jump-fans/followers/tards and discuss the past, present and future of this awesome magazine that feeds us with great shonens weekly.

    The Table of Contents of the Issue #35 (28/07)

    Naruto (Cov & Color page)
    One Piece
    Gintama (CP)
    Bari Haken
    To Love Ru
    Yushagaku (END)
    Eyeshield 21
    Sket Dance
    Fc Barcelone Monogatari, by Kaji Kimiya (one-shot)
    Double Arts
    Dogashi Kaden

    Issue #36 (04/08)
    Toriko (Cov & Color Page)
    Naruto (CP)
    Captain Tsubasa (One Shot)

    I didn't expect Dogashikaden to fall to the last position (which means it's coming to the end soon...?), and Psyren and Doublearts almost the same. Quite sad to see Yushagaku ending so soon, I hope some scanlator gets out of the blue and brings Yusha's scans someday. Also, I'm pretty surprised to see "Fc Barcelone" in a manga's title, that's pretty lame in my opinion...

    And wut, Toriko is getting another cover so soon. Jumps' editors got to love it

    Past ToCs can be found here.
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