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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaosu View Post
    Although it would seem that that they don't die from old age, and the whole aging thing is a little scetchy >_>
    ya if its about the age, Yamamoto would be long gone

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    Quote Originally Posted by kryu View Post
    ya if its about the age, Yamamoto would be long gone
    lol true, almost everyone wouldve been dead by now... i mean yamamoto is supposed to be 2000+ years old since he made the shinigami school (sereitei) 2000 years ago according to wikipedia.. in comparison yamamoto would be like 200 years old in human world :S

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    The aging thing is definitely in consistent because we saw in a Hitsuyaga and Hinamori flashback that they were younger than the way they are now. But...we also saw in other flashbacks that some people don't age...


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    maybe he fought a hollow with some poison attack and hit Ukitake and hes been sick ever sence


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    maybe he has vaginitis from not eating meat? Ive never seen those guys eat...
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    ukitake has turburkulosis. and shinigami just age alot slower. in 60 years it doesnt look like renji and rukia aged

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