I'm not sure what the Earl is, he's not a Noah though. there were 14 total and he's not one of them. I read and remember something about the Noah teaming up with the Earl, and that he summoned them apparently. and even though he refers to them as his family and Road treats him as such he is NOT part of the Noah clan. he's the harbinger of the Apocalypse in a sense. What i wonder about though is if he was once human, and became how is now through some kind of transformation or experience? the way Tyki talked about him in that chapter, how he turned the world against him, meaning he wasn't always that way and something happened to make him want to "cleanse" the world like he says he does.

i hope we see all the Noahs soon, but what i never knew was that Jasdero and Devit count as one Noah because they become Jasdevi, i thought they still counted as two separate noah, well anyway i want to see more of Sheryl and company he's so awesome XD The Noahs are my favorite anime villians hands down. its so hard to hate them. I hate Leverrier the most D:< he worse than the Earl and the Noah! at least they wouldn't betray their own comrades. he's finally making his appearance in the anime too , oh joy, i get to hate him twice as much. =__=