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Thread: Uchiha Madara

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    Ya, but when u keep reading it doesnt really clear it up about tobi= madara or tobi=obito which would be way better.

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    I know its problebly to late to say but obito didnt get crush by the first rock if you read it carefully it says his body was numming. And the other rocks that fell later could have killed him, but its also possible that zetsu could have just been lookinng around at the moment when the rocks were falling a took his body to eat him(remember zetsu's from the leaf and they were having the war there). He got out of there quick and when the reached safety some how obitos body stopped numming and fought back. So impressed by his powers Zetsu spared him.
    Thats just a thery but still must of it could be possible. And the numming of his body is true too.
    this prediction actually supports the whole tobi = obito idea. i was thinking either the enemy rescued tobi or he was saved by someone else. since tobi was first a subordinate of zetsu they may have some type of relationship together.

    the manga didn't actually say he died we just assummed he did. i remember reading the whole numming part of the body deal. i'm guessing he was still breathing and someone quickly rescued him.

    also with the danzou covering up his eye similar to kakashi. thats a real good point. sharingans that were transplanted must be covered.

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    i agree with ryusukai that is probably just fanfic, and for what we know uchiha madara could be like 27 (12 if he fought the kyuubi at that time) and we dont know anything else about it so it's pretty useless facts since we dont know what's gonna happen anyway.

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