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    Chapter is out!

    Yeah I don't it will be all sunshine and rainbows after this.

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    so let me see if I got this right: Yuni is an alien....from space? Or is it that Tsuna and everyone else are the aliens?

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    Ahmaa.a.......Ahm.... Heel turn like that and that explanation just shows that the author doesn't know where to continue with his manga .... Really disappointing chapter.

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    They're all from earth, Yuni and her race just appeared before humans from the looks of it.
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    ...and next chapter, Deamon Spade jumps in the game again and takes over it all, muhhahahaha.

    Somehow I have the feeling that with this power, CheckerFace might want to restore his race, rather than leave it for non-humans.

    What about the 7 Flames of the Earth, of the Simon Family ? Does that mean that their flames are actually supported by another planet, like Mars ? I mean they are equally powerful to 1/3 of the Trinity Set, or even superior, yet they don't brake the balance at all and have nothing to do with it.

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    Alright, in all honesty, this is emphatically convoluted now. An ancient species of Earthlings injects their flames into seven stones, which keep evolution on the right track. What is the wrong track? are humans meant to replace this nearly extinguished species? and why with all this enormous flame power has Checkerface lived this long and not his original contemporaries? The stones were too powerful for 5 of their species to manage, so they divest the power from the stones and create the Arcobaleno, of which one of their own species has occupied all if not many generations of Sky Arcobaleno. If I am not mistaken then all seven stones, which have no particular possessor besides the entire species, are simply just turned into pacifiers...or is it that one stone is turned into the pacifiers (like the bottom panel on the seventh page might indicate)? If so, then are the other stones manifesting as different powers?

    More than likely seven of this was traded for seven of that to be sensitive to the flames of modern humans. Now, I can understand why one of the species would want to participate in most of the trinisette, however, I do not understand how Yuni even is one of these species when it is clear that her mother and grandmother were impregnated by someone human (right? lol). Assuming her and her ancestor line of species has occupied many if not all Sky Arcobaleno generations, would Yuni be practically human (genetically, like saiyans had their blood diluted)? Furthermore, if her species dominates this position, Bermuda would have most likely noticed, so I can see how they have not...yet, the story goes that Luce's descendents would be "cursed" because she was pregnant at the time of becoming an Arcobaleno, which is just confusing in and of itself. Worse yet, Arcobaleno exist as points in space-time, and Mare ring bearers shift horizontally through space-time: how is it even reasonable for an Arcobaleno to do both? THE FUCK! Even more confusing is how is Tsuna qualified to even replace someone of a higher species...her death would mean that Checkerface is the only one left, so why would he be so quick to axe her?

    Another problem is the other types of flames and Talbot. Night and the Earth flames...neither of these flames were created by the stones given the knowledge we now have. Are they novel flames, which are unique to humans only? If so, then does it imply a possible leap in human evolution? We don't technically know what flame/s Checkerface emits, and I'm confused how Yuni doesn't emit an immense transcendent flame, such as Checkerface's. I'm assuming Talbot bossed Cherckerface by figuring out the the eighth flame is like anchor to its seven counterparts, so man has definitely bested hyperman! But who the fuck is Talbot?! and his servant for that matter? How did he manage to live so long and not help the Arcobaleno before? -_-

    Plus, my biggest concern: Lancia's ring...definitely should have been ignited at least once hahaha

    So, Akira Amano, why the fuck did you have to do this?

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    ^ Oh Lancia's ring, I always hoped that Tsuna would use that ring to unleash the "Dragon" form of his pet, for pure attack power or something .

    Arcobaleno together with Humans were able to create the Animal Rings, then there are many other rings around the world as well and it looks like that even the Triniset's stones can be enhanced with other stones as well, as shown by Talbot, so why focus so much on Triniset anyway ?

    In the future, Tsuna destroyed the Vongola Rings and the world didn't die instantly anyway.

    The Mare Rings are rarely used and were even sealed, perhaps it's because they are no longer in use, that the arcobalenos life's were shortened ?

    Perhaps the Flames of Earth, were like Flames of Night, simply not know to the True Humans ? Then who created the other rings and elements ?

    Strangely enough, it seems like creating 777,777,777 of Rings or more and giving them to humans, would make the burden almost unnoticeable and make sure that the Balance would have been preserved anyway.

    I will check Mangastream's version later on, to check if there weren't any misleading mistakes.

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