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Everyone assumes vergo is just chillaxing and not giving it his all,
but for all we know this is just his fighting-style and thus his actual strenght (his toughness).
+ the fight also shows that kicking is a deffinitly part of vergo's 'main' fighting-style (is what I think).
If he uses tekkai then he has no other option but to stay still. You can't move while using tekkai except for the wolf guy back on EL who stated that he's the only one who can. Even Rob Lucci can't move while using it. A tekkai+CoA is what he's probably using tha's why he so damn hard.

If it's just his style then he should avoid Luffy.

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No, it's not the haki itself that I have a problem with--every person and their dog does that. It's the sudden blackening of limbs to signify the use of Haki that I don't like. Pre-TS, it was always just a verbal acknowledgement or a successful physical blow that let us know that Haki was in effect. Since Luffy started using it and having his rubber body turn black (vulcanization, so it kinda makes sense, question mark), now everyone has to have themselves turn black when they armor up. They should get their own thing.

Anywho, doesn't affect the quality of the chapter in the least, so I guess it's not really relevant. I just can't wait to see Caesar get punched again! Every time it happens, it erases one of his stupid facial expressions from my memory :-D
I think that's just Oda's way of showing if a person is using haki or not coz people don't usually scream "haki" when they are using it except for Luffy which I think he will drop as we get familiar with his moves. We already know that If he uses elephant gun, it means he's using CoA to it so he doesn't scream CoA anymore. It just wasn't shown pre-ts to keep it's mystery and let us keep guessing.