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    Quote Originally Posted by arisart View Post
    Wow, I don't mind people dying but in such a fashion? The strongest shinigami for hundreds upon hundreds of years got killed in one easy sweep? Imo, that's just disrespectful to Yama's character. It seems Kubo doesn't freakin care about his creation. Yama's death was expected and inevitable but Kubo should have let him go out with a bang. I can't help but get a little pissed here.
    Sending off your sworn enemy, one you've held a grudge against for over 1000 years, in a respectful way? Please... There's no reason to be mad at Kubo for this. Being mad at Kubo for offing Yama altogether is the only reason you should be mad, not about how he did it, which is something to be expected when you're facing down the one person you hate the most in the universe...

    Anyway, Enter Ichigo: Hollow Form 3

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    :0 and words cannot express how deeply saddened i am by this weeks chapter would never thought this would of happened to such a guy in his time he may of done some wrongs but no one is perfect even in death he was still fighting to keep both worlds in balance, may he's soul rest in peace .... *pours some liquor on the ground*... but hmmm..... who could that be??? i think its too early to re introduce ichigo i wanna see the captains that have been there for decades to step up and fight and the vizard captains too they are just a hot mess they should be more powerful and pose more a threat but yet they cower whilst the rest of gotei 13 sinks.. or could it be tactical retreat.. BUT nevertheless the senior captains need to avenge yamaji's death and go beserk no more holding back !!!

    He Who Speaks Without An Attentive Ear Is Mute.

    Originally Posted by halaros536
    shut up you weakling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are just angry because i didnt let you became my SERVANT!!!!!! but icould not accept that because you are too weak to be my servant sorry

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    OK, let's start with this. The White-haired guy's name was finally revealed !!!!! His name is Hashvald !!!

    One of the bloodthirsty guys in the flashback looked like Kuchiki :O, perhaps, that's from where the 4 main houses were created ?

    Not all SR can achieve the QFF (Quincy Final Form). You better watch out for those with white gloves, because most likely, they hide that black glove that allows them to achieve QFF.

    There are at least 3 bigger SR (not counting BB), that can open portals and most likely can achieve QFF. Those are, the old man gunner, the Mohawk guy and Hashvald - previously known as White-hair... I think .

    Yep, a blast in the sky, it can't be someone from SS and most likely it is H3ICHIGO. Looks like the sky will turn black and the moon will fade away .

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    Quote Originally Posted by aggeroff View Post
    When I read the title for this chapter I thought it would be a One Piece rip off, thank god it wasn't.
    Was thinking the exact same thing, but was equally and pleasantly surprised it wasn't the case. Luckily I didn't have to rage on how much Yamamoto's death was a knockoff of OP's Whitebeard, as his death was uniquely an epitomy of cold cruelty, all-incompassing despair, and heartfelt sorrow. Aside from the final page where a surprise explosion ruptures the sky (whether Ichigo or not)and causes Bach to go "oh shit" after murdering the strongest member of the SS, Kubo once again pleasantly presents a suspenseful, layered, and iconic chapter into the Bleach dynamic. Excellent.

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    First off, what the hell? That last chapter was too much! Nice way Yamamoto got offed. He was a badass but in the end, Juha was badder. And was that Ikkaku and Yumichika getting killed? It looked like them and I was just wondering. And if you don't know that was Ichigo then something is wrong with you. More than likely it will lead to a Hollow/Shinigami division with the five war potentials add captains and the HSIC (Head Shinigami In Charge) will be.. .... You've guessed it! Ichigo Kurosaki! With him being half Shinigami and PART human and PART hollow he has access to abilities that other Shinigami don't have. Like what D. J. ?
    Well little buddy, Ichigo has this thing called a Fullbring that if he continued to train it he weeks learn how to manipulate the soul of any object like the Hogokyu for instance, or maybe he can learn how to steal everyone Bankai back, who knows? Rukia still has a party to play in all this and I can't wait to see what it is. Ginjo Kugo.

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    I don't know why, but I feel Ichigo's awesomeness stayed behind after Aizen saga. I really hope it's not Ichigo with long hair (like we haven't seen that before). I'm hoping it's the mysterious figure or who knows...Aizen in "I'm pissed" mode?

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    Quote Originally Posted by my2kb22 View Post
    You've read what juha bach commented regarding yamamoto...... he was weaker currently compared to his old days when he was a brutal killing machine....... he soften up after he found peace and eliminated all the threats in SS, real world and wherever... yamamoto before didn't care about anything even his comrades according to bach, he'd kill anybody in order to achieve his goal.... he was what bach is now. If he was the merciless fire demon millenniums ago...... i don't think bach would win..... plus he got himslef exhausted himself with a dope and his bankai stolen... so there ain't no chance of him winning to a guy who wants to recruit aizen as a subordinate
    I don't think that's the case. Of course he would say Yama got weaker coz he became softer. That's what all villains says and all good guys says things like compassion is actually a strength. But let's set aside Yama's mentality, let's look at his actual power. Juha never saw the new form of Yama's bankai. It only means that it has evolved from what it is a thousand years ago. His power now is actually more powerful than ever.

    What caused his demise was he wasn't thinking right. He wanted to revenge his VC and went all out on Juha when he didn't have to. Heck I think he could have beaten the fake Juha with only his shikai but no, he goes bankai all the way. Great plan by Juha by the way. It was perfectly executed.

    Quote Originally Posted by Yoru View Post
    Did yama want to pull another Itto Kasou on Bach?
    I thought that way too. I won't be surprised if he put a seal there that Juha didn't notice.

    Quote Originally Posted by Afro Thunda View Post
    Sending off your sworn enemy, one you've held a grudge against for over 1000 years, in a respectful way? Please... There's no reason to be mad at Kubo for this. Being mad at Kubo for offing Yama altogether is the only reason you should be mad, not about how he did it, which is something to be expected when you're facing down the one person you hate the most in the universe...

    Anyway, Enter Ichigo: Hollow Form 3
    I'm pertaining to Kubo himself. I don't mind Yama getting cut in half then stepped on by Juha. He's the bad guy, he supposed to do that. What I'm mad at is that Kubo didn't even bothered to make it a fight before Yama goes down. He's got no bankai but I'm pretty sure his shikai would at least be able to block a measly slash from Juha. I felt that Yama at the level that he was should be able to at least trade a few shots with him before getting cut by a named attack or something. Kubo treated him like a fodder and that's just bad.

    sig made by me

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    So sad Bleach Chapter. farewell, my real powerful and awesome commander in soul society Yamamoto ..

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    Quote Originally Posted by veLocity- View Post
    As for the 5 war potentials: Ichigo, Aizen, Isshin (?), Ryuken (?), (?)

    1) Ichigo
    2) Aizen
    3) Kenpachi (did you forget about him?)
    4) Ishida Jr.
    5) Ishida Sr.

    Quote Originally Posted by Genesis 1.0 View Post
    Excellent post, eloquently stated.
    I'll second that.

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    ^ Nope, Ryuken might be strong, but as Juuha said, it's not the most important, or at least not the only requirement to call someone one of the war potentials. He detests Shinigami and thus would not go to their aid. What's more, Ishida promised and is forbidden from assisting, cooperating or whatever else doing with Shinigami. Most likely, both of them are not included.

    We know that Ichigo, Kenpachi and Aizen were. Ishin might be one of the war potentials, since he is stronger than Shinigami Aizen and is a full Shinigami, plus probably an ex Zero Squad member, or perhaps a Shinigami from some other part of the world.

    The last potential, might be Urahara, obviously because of his intelligence and analytical skills. He already analyzed most of Quincy's important, new abilities. If he wasn't interrupted, he might have already figured out how the plate works and how to reverse their effects.

    Or perhaps, they considered even Orihime, since she can reverse any wounds and perhaps even the plate's workings.

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