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Wow, I don't mind people dying but in such a fashion? The strongest shinigami for hundreds upon hundreds of years got killed in one easy sweep? Imo, that's just disrespectful to Yama's character. It seems Kubo doesn't freakin care about his creation. Yama's death was expected and inevitable but Kubo should have let him go out with a bang. I can't help but get a little pissed here.
Sending off your sworn enemy, one you've held a grudge against for over 1000 years, in a respectful way? Please... There's no reason to be mad at Kubo for this. Being mad at Kubo for offing Yama altogether is the only reason you should be mad, not about how he did it, which is something to be expected when you're facing down the one person you hate the most in the universe...

Anyway, Enter Ichigo: Hollow Form 3