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oh and if cutting Yama in half, stepping on his head, and blasting him with a super quincy cero wasnt enough. You can add having his other arm chopped off to the list. This was utter disrespect to Yama. Makes you wonder if Yama could have beat Juha 1000 years ago.

Also, Mayuri seemed to know about Yama letting Juha live. This makes me wonder whether Mayuri is older than shunsui & Ukitake.

also, my favorite pervert shinigami better not be dead!!!!!
You've read what juha bach commented regarding yamamoto...... he was weaker currently compared to his old days when he was a brutal killing machine....... he soften up after he found peace and eliminated all the threats in SS, real world and wherever... yamamoto before didn't care about anything even his comrades according to bach, he'd kill anybody in order to achieve his goal.... he was what bach is now. If he was the merciless fire demon millenniums ago...... i don't think bach would win..... plus he got himslef exhausted himself with a dope and his bankai stolen... so there ain't no chance of him winning to a guy who wants to recruit aizen as a subordinate

Man that sword of bach is some sort of a one hit kill thing...... it can probably cut through anything seeing as it easily sliced yamamoto in half... a tank.... i hate how brutal he died though and the humiliation... though i love the story about the fire demon in the FB with shunsui.......

I wonder whose going with yama after this arc...... will byakuya be confirmed dead? kira?..... this 2 are more likely to me........tag along soifon's fat LT. kubo he is more useless that kira................... kenpachi and shunsui are probably KO'd..... there are more hints from them surviving that being dead