Is this Gantz i'm reading? the way he drew yamamoto being cut in half is closely resembling the violence in gantz. Now more likely the anime will never appear again. They would not air such violence. Kubo is moving away from shonen to seinin. The brutality here shows it

Bach is definitely wicked strong. Yama depicts himself as the fire monster, figures how brutal they were described a long time ago, and we know the name of the blonde dude, o wait i forgot what was it again. Quincy names and arrancar names. Why can't kubo just give them simple names

I'm sure this is unohana from the old days, she was more senior than kyoraku and ukitake and both of them called her dai_sempai and scary, plus kubo mentioned before than unohana will show her true nature when she unties her brades. Look at the woman in the image