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Greetings all,

I would like to take a step back (been away for some days) to the early of the topic about the MS activation.

To try to not write much and becoming boring, ill first start with the situations that have made me believe in a new theory about MS awakening.

In Sasuke's case, his MS activated in the battle against Itachi, but he never delivered the final blow, he fought to kill him sure, but what demeaned Itachi's loss, was the fact that his body couldn't take it anymore due to his long term illness (witch he knew and planned the fight according to that).

Even in Itachi's case, when he show's the truth to Sasuke, we only see Sishiu giving his eye to Itachi, we never have any proof that Itachi did in fact kill him.

Now, in this chapter, we have the confirmation that both Kakasi and Obito, activate their MS, because the death of Rin (their respective best friend at that time), but again, Obito only watched Rin die (like to previous examples), only Kakashi does reality (in all manga) to the words "you have to kill your best friend".

Sometime ago, in a galaxy far far away.... nah just kidding, but really sometime ago, i came to a theory because, in the Sharigan users that we know, only Kakashi did really kill a best friend, but in all others, we assume that because of those words, but they only watched (that we know for sure) their friends die, they didn't kill them.

I believe that the words "you have to kill your best friend", are a metaphor/riddle to the real meaning of that idea, you have to experience/watch the death/loss of your best friend/loved one.

If you think about it, it makes sense, Sasuke looses his brother, Itachi his best friend, Obito is loved one, and Kakashi is best friend also.
So why would the words be like that and not, you have to see the person die ? well, what would happen if your best friend/loved one was sent on a different mission, in another team/squad and died ? it would be the loss of a dear one, but MS wouldn't activate because the user wouldn't be present to see the other one die.

So the only way to be sure MS activates when the closest person to you dies, and you watch it, is to kill that person yourself, but i do not believe that, the killing yourself part is extremely a requirement, only that you witness that.

The first plausible flaw i could think was Sasuke parents (in the very far likelihood that an uchiha could activate Sharingan and MS in the same moment or experience, but Sasuke really doesn't see his parents die, they are already dead when he arrives at home

Just my 2 cents, but open to flaws or discussion

About the vision loss of MS, i think that Kakashi hasn't lost so many like Itachi or Sasuke (before EMS), his due to the fact that he always in his life (since he had the sharigan), train and disciplined himself to rely in his skills and chakra capacity and therefore using only the eye when he really need it, because using the sharigan consumes chakra, and that's why he has it covered all the time.
In the MS case, when the eyes perform a MS technique, the eye is put to some strain due to the power of that technique, and normally, when the user, uses MS is in "big style" like Susano'o, Amaterasu, Tsukuyomi or any other powerfull MS related tech.
In Kakashi's case, his Kamui's are always in small things/objects like kunais, rasengans, and those were in the last few chapters, even when he tried it on Deidara, he was some distance away, and the far the object his, the smaller it appears to be and the harder is hit it good.
The same could apply to GM neck, but that depends on the distance Kakashi is from it, but still, ony that and the naruto clone, arent enough to deteriorate his vision like Itachi or Sasuke, and the eye's vision only looses his sight from MS use, i think that Itachi says that in some chapter i think, so a normal sharigan doesnt loose his eye sight, because not anyone activates MS, witch is suppose to be a secret of the Uchiha and not comum knowledge, unless all the Uchiha clan become blind people, sharigan or MS users lol lol

Just my point of view

First things, I find your theory reasonable and similar to what i myself suppose. As an exercise lets turn "awakening mangekyo" into an abstraction. The abstraction, and in duality; theme, is "trading love for power". We can all agree that the uchiha descended from the older brother. We can all agree that the older brother preferred power and force whereas the younger brother was aligned with the path of love. So, killing your best friend to awaken mangekyo is a manifestation and reminder of the "curse" of those descending from the older brother.

So, killing your best friend, IMO, is not a requirement in any strict sense. What transpires within an uchiha, depending on circumstances pertinent to his life, is a change of state in any given bond or acknowledged love. That then, forgive me for the word i am about to use, that then begins a "mystical", as well as physical and spiritual transformation of the severed bond, lost love, what have you, into energies constituting the mangekyo.

What we have now with the rule of killing your best friend is a LEARNED BEHAVIOR, the result of path the older brother embraced. Darkness.

Mangekyo is not only trading love for power but even moreso "blind with power". Mangekyo causes loss of vision for reasons well beyond ninja medical science. It's mystical, and tied also to learned behavior. Mangekyo, in the manga, has been mostly shown to be cast fro
Shinobi who walk totally or partially down the road if figurative darkness. The power of the eyes being used for purposes that cause one to walk into darkness will then guarantee the curse, you will go blind because you are blind with power.

Since kakashi has the will of fire, walks away from darkness, uses mangekyo for virtuous reasons, his mangekyo might behave subtly different in regards to the typical penalty of blindness. It may be doing something else entirely that perhaps may turn out to be a boon, unlike the doom of an uchiha who uses mangekyo in the darkness.

Itachi realized all this too late. He tried to tell kabuto the importance relying on your comrades. It all boiled down to the simple lesson personified in the two brothers, itachi realized the correct answer is the way of the younger brother.

I think the sharingan is tied to morality, justice, and character. It's power will depend entirely on the path of the user. It can go many ways after this as to what is or isn't possible.

You catch my drift im sure.

Again, kakashi has not yet suffered deterioration of his vision for the simple and irrefutable reason that his kamui attempt on the mazou showed his vision to be healthy.