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    Shiniobi of the Kage Clan odramek's Avatar
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    Jul 2008
    Well, Rin was a medical-nin so it is possible she could be a spy like Kabuto was (highly unlikely, but plausible). Damn, Obito went berserk on the Mist Ninjas. He ain't a gentle soul anymore, who could be after seeing the love of your life go like that.

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    Senior Member inu_qq's Avatar
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    May 2008
    What if gundam zetsu still exists? Or at least that amazing mokuton rain maker mudering assassin version that sloughtered all of those mist ninja. That might be his last effort against madara (seeing as they will eventually clash) i think obito may have planned on disobeying him for a long time, and he had to have an offensive side.. We have just yet to see it, it's his gundam mokutan zetsbito!

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    Jul 2012
    @ Nano i was only referring to the fact that a conversation with breathing went on in said dimension. yes the narutoverse bends the curve of reality and fantasy but there are still common physics which it follows. now if tobi and saskue didnt have a conversation and just used it to jump from one point to another then i could agree with it being specifically on the moon itself. Remember saskue was already tired and panting from battle plus as Execution said karin was there also. Also im not sure nagato specifically said the SO6P created the moon... he said its nothing in comparison to what the SO6pP created (but i may be wrong) all im saying is i think that the actual moon isnt the jump spot.

    @ Execution thanks for the support and added info

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    Senior Member inu_qq's Avatar
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    May 2008
    obito, with his phasing abilities, and his amazing mokuton shown in the previous chapter would make him an excellent match for madara. Are we 100% sure an obito/zetsu body isnt what madara is going to use to house the juubi?

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    Senior Member Zero's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by inu_qq View Post
    obito, with his phasing abilities, and his amazing mokuton shown in the previous chapter would make him an excellent match for madara. Are we 100% sure an obito/zetsu body isnt what madara is going to use to house the juubi?
    To be frank, unless Madara's body is preserved in a well enough manner to later resurrect him in to it (at this flashback, his body was already not good enough), he is not going to be revived into his own body. It's quite possible that he will be revived into Hashirama's empty clone, or even Obito himself, because his real body wouldn't be usable at this point in time anymore. Or perhaps, even the GM itself. By simply replacing GM's mind with Madara's soul and mind, they wouldn't need to do anything else (Yes the GM has a mind, since it is moaning like Obito this chapter).

    If Madara were to be revived into Obito's body, then yes it would make the reviving jutsu truly for Obito (and Madara), just like Tobi mentioned.

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    Senior Member janfeae's Avatar
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    Cincinnati, Ohio
    I think Kakashi's eye is fine because he is not able to use the 3 techniques that cause massive stress upon the eyes. When a Mangekyo sharingan is activated, the eye is seemingly fine. However, right before a technique like Amatserasu or Tsukyomi is used, there is bleeding from the stress.

    I think that is what makes the eyes deteriorate over time.

    Also, I don't believe Kakashi even knew he had it for a long while. Right after awakening it, he blacked out. He was a non Uchiha with little knowledge of the sharingan; let alone a level above. And if he did have some knowledge on the subject, why would he assume he of all people had it? Especially when very few uchihas in all of history possesed the Mangekyo Sharingan. 4 at best at the time. Madara, Izuna, and possibly Shisui (which is very doubtful).

    When the nine tails attacked the leaf, we see a picture of a young Itachi and a baby Sasuke. So even Shisui may be pushing it for that time.

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    Que gatito mas leeendo!!! hikonami's Avatar
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    central america
    i agree that kakashi's ms might have remain asleep just like sasuke's sharingan was. i still think obito didn't kill kakashi because he understood why kakashi killed rin. i'm pushing the"i have no other choice but to do this". it's obvious he didn't want to kill rin because he was crying. poor kakashi, he has dealt with so many traumatic experiences (his father suicide, obito's death, killing rin, losing his sensei, having one of his students turn evil), yet he hasn't become a villain.
    Miau, Miau, Miau.....prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!

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    Senior Member knife eater's Avatar
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    Can you guys help me reach a clear answer? Obito using mokuton is the result of half his body being "half artificial hashirama body". That part if his body is NOT zetsu, what defines zetsu is in part the person/personality. What is attached to obito is merely prosthetic and enhancement but deriving from the same source as zetsu, compatible with zetsu.

    The zetsu clone which encased obito is not responsible for the mokuton, especially since he.observed and exclaimed obito's level of mokuton being exclusive and probably unrelated to his presence acting as his armor.

    I'm not sure what sort of true power ups spiral zetsu gives obito in the way of senju or uchiha tech outside of augmenting physical attack and defense. The mokuton more sensibly would result from his half hashirama body as that is where molded chakra would originate, not spiral zetsu doing tech for him.

    So, what i observe is

    Obito's hashirama body is not a zetsu, he is nit half zetsu

    Obito's mokuton ability is granted him by his half hashirama body

    Spiral zetsu probably has little to no influence or contribution to obito's mokuton. (Observe sasuke's slaying of zetsu's, mokuton appeared extremely limited)


    Zetsu and obito's body merely share a cellular basis and compatibility.

    Right or wrong?
    Obito is Tobirama's great grandson. The proof is in the pudding.

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    Senior Member Jean-Marie's Avatar
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    Aug 2011
    We talk about the betrayal of Tobi earlier.

    Actually the last 2 chapters give a new sense to chapter 573. You know, when Tobi was in front of Naruto:
    "why do I sweat? it's rain.
    why would have been afraid? Naruto is weak.
    What is this feeling about Naruto? Something else than his strength"
    And then Tobi was in denial:
    "let's only thing about the war, That is what matters"

    It's all like Kishi to place this kind of hint years in advance. When confronting Kakashi, Tobi might start to confront himself and stop the denial. The something else than the strength might be what granny quoted several time: the ability of Naruto to turn people into good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by POW View Post
    You know another plot hole from this chapter....

    once you awaken the MS you eyes sight is suppose to deteriorate soooo Kakashi never noticed his eye sight getting worse?
    I believe he actually did eventually notice his vision getting worse, hence why he kept his left eye covered. Not to mention that time he encountered "Itachi" when trying to retrive Gaara from Akatsuki, and asking him "how bad his eye sight is."

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