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was an okay chapter. Obito's mukuton jutsu was something serious. Definitely S-Rank. I do beleive the mukuton is a result of the Zetsu suit and thats why we havent seen him use it recently. I'm waiting for swirly zetsu to die, apparently he eventually dies thats why hes not around anymore and Obito keeps his face/mask as a momento/reminder.

As a couple people pointed out, there was an over abundance of Obito screaming in this chapter.

Also, as others have pointed out, lately each chapter answers about as many questions as it creates. Why did Obito have Mazo rods sticking out of him?

It was okay, but lets get back to Saskue and Oro already!

Obito may have completely absorbed the Zetsu suit. At least half of Obito's body is a Zetsu at this point, so absorbing the Zetsu Suit and beefing up is not so outlandish.

If Obito does keep the Suit, then this could help explain the rest of the questions about how Obito changes into Tobi. Assuming that the suit has Uchiha Madara's Mental Energies and some of his knowledge, it would easily explain how Tobi could claim to be Madara and how he would know so much information that only Madara should know.

Guess I am slowly becoming a CONVERT to Obito=Tobi = For real, and not incredulous.

(I still feel like Kishi has violated the memory of the only known good hearted Uchiha (not counting Shisui). I wonder if there is any of the Good, decent kid still left inside Tobi)