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Cause she was dead, and the Hunter Nin's main job is to get rid of the dead bodies of their own ninja. I guess they just saw her as more important.
Right, the ninja definitely said "..he got (to) us", being internationally inclusive if rin since her death greatly hinders or outright stops their immediate plan. If she was included as moreso, an actual ninja of the mist by birth, konaha as spy, the mist ninja would have clear reason to retrieve her body no matter what their plan was. This by itself is more than enough to keep the theory of kakashi's sharingan as the target in play for discussion.

Also, the possible role rin has as a spy, anyone else associating her with kabuto as both young medical nin in dubious capacity in konaha? Anyone else starting preliminary thought drawing rin 's possible double cross to the strange emotional capabilities of kabuto's mom?

Come to think about it, the conditions suddenly seem different in retrospect. The mist ninja were already steeped in their bloody culture of their young killing their young in reflection of uchiha realities itachi described (did madara visit mist well before we think?) Regardless of why, the mist were well underway with their brutal internal power structure. That power structure has strict requirements of killing your emotions in order to be used as a tool and kill those that trust you as a friend. Rin, by the nature of her gift to kakashi for becoming a joining could also be seen as the type of gift a clueless root ninja like said would give. Her expressions seem to be as contrived and asvawkward as sai's before he was cured by naruto. Minato and obito gave kakashi something that was their deeply personal and signature utility whereas rin gave him something the a mind would come up with and not a heart. It might be a stretch or it might not but there are emerging circumstances parallel to kabuto and said that if they continue to appear, will be harder and harder to discount and them any rin dedicated flashback will contain a small bit about how obito 'naruto'd" her long enough to send her into an emotional crisis, being that even the slightest feeling would be nearly impossible to cope with successfully against the tidal wave of brain washing and brutality that would have shaped a child spy from the hidden mist