Cool chapter Atleast some questions are being answered now.

- We now know how Obito and Kakashi got the MS. Allthough Kakashi probably won't remember it.
- We now know why Obito/Tobi is suddenly so strong. He can easily come closer to fighting the fourth now
- The combination of Obito's Uchiha body and the merging of the zetsu body basically makes him a mix of those two bloodlines

The latter point, this makes him a mix of those two bloodlines. And I guess this is where the whole black zetsu will start to emerge. Madara might see that, combining the bloodlines might make him closer to the so6p. Or that might have been his plan all along. This might be how he even unlocked the rinnegan, if he already did.

Don't know what happens in the last two pages though. Looks like Obito doesn't quite get what's going on. It's all dark and he's used a sick mokuton to kill all of them. I don't think he's in his other dimension though. Because we can see what looks like trees in the background. I can't remember having seeing that in his other dimension before.

Edit: I allways thought black zetsu was an experiment to mix Uchiha and Senju blood. I'm not quite sure if Madara has already done that to himself (and unlocked rinnegan) or if he'll get that idea now. OR, black and white zetsu will be Obito's creation.