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    It's here:

    Badass obito much? Seems like madara did have some sort of hand in obito surviving...saying he was chosen...but given that obito doesnt bleed when he uses his MS is it safe to assume that he as an EMS? Though i wonder whose eye he transferred to.

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    Ah, so thats how Kakashi got the MS, and I guess Tobi got it as well thanks to their connection. His brain seems to have snapped because he was trying to hard to force himself what he saw wasn't real. I wonder if the swirly Zetsu will change into Black Zetsu, because he was soaked in the blood of all those ninja.
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    Why are there hunter nin attacking Kakashi and Rin. They are supposed to track and kill missing nin and make sure the enemy does not discover any of the village's secrets from the body. Ignoring the fact Rin does not seem like a missing nin she couldn't be as they wanted her body revived. I am guessing she had some secrets but that is also very strange as it seems like it was just kakashi and Rin and Rin is still a Chunin so why would she be given valuable info.

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    So Rin had some intel that the enemy was after. IS it safe to say that she was a spy? Good chapter, Tobi was bada$$!!!!

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    is it safe to assume Rin being a spy? if so im seeing some resemblance to Kabuto, medical ninja, im not sure but i doubt she got thru the chunin exams. also is the moons eye plan a specific jutsu tailored to obito and maybe kakashi now that EMS was awoken? like amaterasu to Saskue and Itachi? also im guessing "hell" is the other side of his dimensional jump? i took the finishing scenes as him sucking in all the mist ninjas he skewered

    Question: would it be agreeable that the sharingan gives the true user his heart's desire? Obits just jumped the cliff and looks like he doesnt want to exist anymore... like saskue and itachi seems to be on a purging by amaterasu

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    The focus is totally on warping obito's mind. Too bad we don't see how/why Rin got killed. I hope in a future chapter though.

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    Cheers to anyone who guessed Rin was a spy... It's not confirmed, but seems likely.

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    cool chapter


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    Cool chapter Atleast some questions are being answered now.

    - We now know how Obito and Kakashi got the MS. Allthough Kakashi probably won't remember it.
    - We now know why Obito/Tobi is suddenly so strong. He can easily come closer to fighting the fourth now
    - The combination of Obito's Uchiha body and the merging of the zetsu body basically makes him a mix of those two bloodlines

    The latter point, this makes him a mix of those two bloodlines. And I guess this is where the whole black zetsu will start to emerge. Madara might see that, combining the bloodlines might make him closer to the so6p. Or that might have been his plan all along. This might be how he even unlocked the rinnegan, if he already did.

    Don't know what happens in the last two pages though. Looks like Obito doesn't quite get what's going on. It's all dark and he's used a sick mokuton to kill all of them. I don't think he's in his other dimension though. Because we can see what looks like trees in the background. I can't remember having seeing that in his other dimension before.

    Edit: I allways thought black zetsu was an experiment to mix Uchiha and Senju blood. I'm not quite sure if Madara has already done that to himself (and unlocked rinnegan) or if he'll get that idea now. OR, black and white zetsu will be Obito's creation.

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    Rin a spy? If she is indeed a spy then the reasons must go all the way back to madara and not simply stop with the mist village. With the extent being shown as to just how selective madara was with obito and the miraculous discovery of a "slipped through" body of injured uchiha boy being a total sham (MS was proven this chapter to have been awakened well after.the rock fall and still adhering to the loss of best friend rules, eliminating it outright as a factor in obito's survival).

    As of the mangapanda translation, the mist ninja interest in rin does not seem to for Intel but something else entirely, like readers already pointed out, an ability she was carrying willingly or unwittingly
    I would venture to guess she has something inside her she wouldn't necessarily volunteer to carry. If she was innocent of wrong doing then the severity of the exhausting use of chidori (kakashi was likely already fatigued from combat) suggests she had something living inside her but only referred to as "it" by the mist ninja. Again, the manga panda version reads with the feeling it was not Intel rin had.

    If rin was truly a spy then events MUST have occurred this way, no chance for anything to be different.

    Rin and kakashi logically would have Harvard third teammate on their mission. We know it wouldn't have occurred otherwise and it appears ample time has passed since the loss of obito on that team and for minato to have assigned a replacement. If rin was a spy, she had a direct and active roll in the death of that new teammate. That is the ONLY way for the entire scenario to work! Rin causes teammate to die, she was traitor, kakashi then is justified COMPLETELY in regarding her as trash and using an assassination technique reserved for ENEMIES and it gives the absolute largest amount of symmetrical poetic justification for mangekyo awakening in both obito and kakashi at the same time.

    Rin MUST have been the cause of death for their teammate in a treasonous revelation. If that isn't the case then rin died for reasons hopelessly complicated involving her unwilling participation (unless she welcomed a sacrifice in her guilt to save obito, whom she realized too late was who she should have loved) and kakashi's inability to solve the problem without a sacrifice.

    The "artificial hashirama body" that constitutes roughly half of obito's body IS NOT ZETSU but something entirely different and inanimate, without a cognitive function. It is entirely a prosthetic and is what affords obito his mokuton. Zetsu shares his coming into being with the hashirama body but at some point madara has a different process for completion.

    Again, obito is half hashirama, not half zetsu. Obito does not necessarily need zetsu attached to use mokuton. Zetsu is also, in some large amount, hashirama. obito is half hashirama. Hashirama is neither zetsu nor obito. Zetsu is not half obito. Zetsu can enter symbiotic relation with obito, who is half hashirama. There are differences between all those entities and confusion seems to be attached with obito and his body.

    Obito does not have ems regardless of his undeteriorating vision and lack of visible blood with kamui use. His Ms pattern remains untransformed and any "eternal " characteristics are likely attributed to his senju powers grafted around the eye since the blood in this chapter seems to be the only time it occurred yet it seems to be caused by mokuton infusion with the jutsu.

    Obito's compatibility with hashirama cells as an uchiha and his confirmed "selection' is yet another hint obito is directly descended from madara or izuna's line and is not simply just any uchiha.

    Hmmm, it looks as if the dimension obito accesses IS TIED SOMEHOW TO THE JYUBI'S REAL BODY! If obito is indeed in madara's bloodline then he will have strong connections and reflections of so6p and his dimension will have most likely been also used by so6p. I believe that dimension is part of the moon itself. The less than obvious indications began with the sequence illustrations of the moon way back in kakashi gaiden, every picture of the moon not used for the purpose of establishling setting or time WERE ALL TIED TO MOMENTS WHERE OBITO DEVELOPED AS A CHARACTER! the obvious indications now are the sequence illustrations of the moon tied to obito's dimensional splitting in tandem with mokuton. That was the "hidden power " zetsu meant when combining senju and uchiha, access to something only the sage could reach, the moon, which is the resting place of jyubi's physical form.

    Seriously, obito's dimension is the moon, any doubts related to the fact kakashi sees does not spell death fir the idea as it is obito dictating the power of both eyes.
    Obito is Tobirama's great grandson. The proof is in the pudding.

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