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    Question Naruto 408 & D.Gray-man 166 RAW

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    Dood, you suck..get outta here...
    "Hey thanks for emailing me. Why you dropping Fairy Tail again?????? It is one of the most awesome manga so please please keep doing it because I do now want to add other scans to my collection since it is not so good. If you need help I can help out with anything except I don't know how to do the manga typing and that kind of stuff. By the way, are you thinking about Code Breaker? If so, I can also maybe help with that too. Also, next time if you will drop the series don't email me. It is depressing news and I will rather just not know this time. Thank you."

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    He does suck. Good call.

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    whoa whoa whoa, steiner's on the forums...

    thanks dood, for all the raws you've provided...

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