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    Shared sharingan vision?

    I find it quite intresting how obtio could see what Kahashi could see, given how they have the same physical eyes.

    As we know the sharingan evolves into the rinnegan,

    the rinnegan has the more op version u might say as you simply just need to transfer ur own chakra to see through that persion as oppose to actually transplanting ur eyes. The same thing how nagato used his pain bodies vision. Not to mention the rinnegan with the chakra can control ur body by force in the same way.

    So is this obitio and kahashi sight thing a plot device to reveal madara's control over obito to revealed in future chapters?
    Is this a sign that the sharingan evolves into the rinnegan?
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    I had this theory in the Ch604 discussion thread! I agree it's likely related. Perhaps Obito gained it when he obtained Senju power, or perhaps it's a sign that part of his soul / mind is actually within the Sharingan, and thus it's in some way connected to him even if it's been transplanted to Kakashi. Of course, we never got any indicator that Itachi could see through Sasuke's eyes, so it seems unique to Obito so far.

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    I believe also the fact that he has the Zetsuit on him, that enabled him to have temporary Senju cells needed to see what Kakashi was doing.

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    The only special property we have unique in this case is the fact that the owner if the original eye is alive and in close proximity. Add to that the fact both eyes of the same pair are cemented in tragic borne conditions and dreams shared by both users. That sort if stuff seems to strongly affect how a sharingan behaves and develops. I wouldn't even begin to know where to start in drawing comparison to pein's shared rinnegan vision (of projected eyes through chakra transmission, not physical transplants!). If obito really was seeing through kakashi's eye then it could be a quirk of spirit in that the eye was meant to serve a purpose (that ended then and there) with the added idea it would also serve as obito's presence itself. The shared sharingan vision from this chapter, IMO, should not be so readily explained and kishi should leave the mystery there. To say it could be the manifestation of the power that makes dreams and illusions reality, obito stating he would see on through kakashi's eye would be recalled as he raced towards where they were surrounded by must ninjas. That moment tied to the entrusted wish could then be channeled through whatever dormant or operable power of the sharingan and it became something literal, the sentimental and symbolic nature of obito's sight remaining with kakashi becomes a concrete and literal occurrence the exact same moment the entrusted wish reaches it's conclusion.

    I don't want to start having bits from this being held and compared to sasuke and itachi, any of madara's "need both eyes" statements or itachi's lecture regarding the history of ems.

    I'm not sure what senju cells or hashirama power has to do with it, it seems so arbitrary and unrelated in every other way. It's downright silly, "the combination of senju power unlocks the hidden ability to see through that eye you gave away last Christmas! Witness first hand and first person just exactly what your loved ones think of your gifts!"

    I want obito and kakashi to have this event special to them only and mainly serve them as characters and absolutely not serve to define uchiha or sharingan at large. I can be perfectly happy, since the sharingan is literally a rinnegan with roughly 2/3 of it's substance and power sealed away, IM perfectly happy saying obito experienced a lesser power of viewpoint that reflects the greater ability of rinnegan and the associated path. Gosh, i hope it doesn't turn into an obtainable power through formula.

    Besides, shared vision doesn't seem all that special as a general technique when you consider gara has something arguably better. His creepy floating eye of sand.

    Oh, and it should be pointed out that this was truly the only instance of shared vision i have seen in the manga, the path manipulations if pein and tobi was not shared vision as much as it was CONTROLLED vision. The mechanic, intention, purpose, and nature of use are all different to what obito experienced.

    You also have to wonder, does the fact that vision can be shared and projected by just the splinters of lesser power from when the sage fragmented those forces... is it a strong and substantial clue that the vision of hundreds or even thousands is secretly experienced by a powerful being of similar magnitude to the sage or 10 tails? Madara wants to use one single vision to determine what thousands will see so there is room enough for almost an inverse to be happening now. Some of us are still expecting a character to be introduced that fills a "watcher's" role. Maybe the human who knows everything. Watchers generally serve to spur along destiny, something naruto is steeped in.
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    ....Shared Sharingan Vision....
    I will just point out here that this isnt the only time we have seen shared vision..... A few chapters before the Kabuto Vs Itachi & Sasuke Fight, Sasuke knew where Itachi was and where he was going (flash stepping through the forest on his way to Kabuto) [Chapter 574 Pg# 16 onwards]..... Sasuke tracked down Itachi through this......
    .....About Obito getting shared vision..... I would say Obito's and Kakashi'z Sharingan werent even evolved to Mangekyou'z yet, hence he was only able to start seeing through Kakashiz vision when Kakashi had stabbed Rin, the event which started the Mangekyou transformation.......
    Another thing...... Maybe its because of the shared vision that Kakashi always keeps his Sharingan Covered (except in battle ofcourse where shared vision wouldnt be that much informative rather just confusing to sm1 whose not fighting)..... From the Manga it can be said that Sasuke could see Itachi'z vision at will (Possibly due to the Eternal M.S status), whereas Kakashi'z & Obito's shared vision can be said to be like Harry's & Voldermort's [from Harry Potter series] Telepathic link (which activated during extremely emotional events ie; Fury / Extreme Saddness).

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