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Thread: Riki-Oh

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    Indeed. The whole arc ended in those 5 chapters. Not ended, moved on rather. Anyway, Riki-Oh despite having similarities with Fist of the North Star (and sequels) has a definite and better plot. I desperately wait for more releases.

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    How many chapters does it have because it only has 30 on onemanga and it hasn't come back out since july? Seems okay although I get people were saying about his punches looking weird. And they really try to over play his opponents which messe up when he wins because in the end he acts like it was too easy in the first place. Which leaves you wondering why he took so long to win. But on the plus side, they definitely give you a lot of pages per chapter. Looks like you guys converted another one into a fan. Anybody know if there are newer chapters somewhere I can read, not download? Compter can't handle downloads.

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