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    Quote Originally Posted by damnz View Post
    Let's see.... "Tobi" exactly says:

    Nowhere says anything about himself being Madara.
    That's why Umbrel said that it's not uncomon in manga characters to talk in third person of themselves, add that sharingan eye, and yes we can't say if he is or he isn't, so I say It's not a big deal, it seems like he says he is Madara, but we won't know till Kishimoto want us to know... so I don't care...
    I apologize I seemed to ment that Tobi should be Madara, but I tried to say that no matter the trans we can't tell because jap is ambigous, although the usual (not in manga extra ambiguous dialogs) interpretation would be that he is Madara...but not necesarilly >_<
    But sounds like he is (end of confusing rant)

    P.S: Having said that, come on is a manga, so most likely he is not, he is either the student of Madara or the was belonged to Madara... but he said it like he is...maybe...
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