To the scanlators of Naruto chapter 364.

There's apparently some who are stating that you guys have made a MISTRANSLATION on this chapter, in the page where "Tobi" says "my power....uchiha madara's power"

There's claims that other people translated this as being "the power of me, uchiha madara"

This is important because we are having a LOT of debate on this whole new development and that part in particular has been the source of a huge heated debate. So I would appreciate it if you guys would take another look at the translation in case it's not correct.

Personally my vote goes on you guys, who are experienced at this sort of thing, than some random translator. But in all fairness we all make mistakes so I'll just wait and see what you guys respond.

Instead of deleting this thread please give us a response and move it over to the Naruto discussion forum (maybe even stickied) so that it's clear to everyone which translation is the proper one.