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    Question about hosting

    Hi, I am curious about who hosts your manga for the mangareader as well as your binktopia releases. I am finding it incredibly difficult to find a host that will allow me to have these things on my website for my groups releases (fusion scans). We want to have our releases up for online reading on our site for visitors on release day.

    I hope this isn't intruding, I just really need to find a host for this stuff : |

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    Mangashare has it's own server. It's not hosted by a hosting company where you buy a domain.

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    ah I see. I imagine that is expensive. Thanks for the info.

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    No host will allow it. If I was in your position, I would open a hosting account somewhere like, Leaseweb in the Netherlands.

    Odds are unless you are scaning manga owned by TokyoPop, Darkhorse, Dr.Master, or ADV. You should be fine with the majority of hosts.

    Generally unless someone complaint's they don't care. The first x months #blood-scanlations existed scanning Bleach and offering direct downloads we were at Dreamhost.

    I also see a bunch of smaller sites using Servage. Mahou-x is hosted by Liquid Web, Basement Scans is hosted by SiteGround, MangaAddicted is hosted at Glob@t

    Mainly look and see what others are using, then decide from there.
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