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    Well, I liked the scene where Ichigo fights Kenpachi [I think that's episode 40+ or something, not sure] and also the betrayal of Tousen plus Ichimaru Gin and Aizen, when three of them fly to the sky. That was cool, every captain was looking at them hopelessly.

    The fight scenes between Renji and Ichigo, Renji's power and also the one with Ichigo and the captain-brother-of-Rukia, Byakuya. Like the faces they made when they fight! Byakuya's bankai, unforgetable.

    I wouldn't say best, but these were good episodes. When the Anime will be finsihed I will tell you the best one.
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    Ichigo vs Grimmjow rocked ass, I think all the eps with bankai ima power freak love the good stuff.

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    kenpachi takes off his eyepatch. ^_^

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    I haven't seen Ikkaku's filler episode, but hell I'm gonna watch it know lol!

    I like the great battle episodes in which Ichigo needs to call upon Zangetsu/hollow:
    Ichigo vs Kenpachi
    Ichigo vs Byakuya
    Actually I like all the captain fights up until Aizen got away hehe...
    I'm sure I would like the fights of some of the espada as much as those if I didnt start reading the manga

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    Unhappy i love all episodes..

    except the fillers!!but the saddest i think was when Inoue said goodbye to Ichigo.. I can relate to what she feels at that time.. She get to see her friends and say good bye without them knowing.. It's kinda sad.. But I like it!
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    i also liked when ulquiorra n yami came. idk why, but it was just good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by What Is My Name? View Post
    oh whoops, i forgot to do it myself lol. my fav episodes would probably be ichigo vs byakuya, i think it was 58-59 (the end of 57 includes some of the battle). the episode when aizen left 61-62 were also good.
    probably my favorite one to, but i also like the episodes when he is regaining his shinigami powers back,

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