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    Question chapter 254 page 15

    he guys.. i don't know if somebody else did notice it.. but look a page 15 of chapter 254.. and then look at the eyes of AL.. it should be the first image of the page..
    but his eyes look like sharingan.. so i downloaded the image.. and zoomed on the eyes.. so..

    please tell if i am wrong about it.. and it is just a miss printing !!
    i came across it by accident, and i noticed it..
    so a want to hear somebody else his thoughts about it

    (here is a link to the page directly to see the image)


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    That picture on the bottom has been edited. Pein does not have sharingan.

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    It's not the sharingan.

    Just look at the Leader in general. He's drawn like shit.

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    owkeej thanks.. it's strange.. it was the only image where u can see it..

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    Yeah it was a prank on behalf of the RAW provider.

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    Ok, your question was answered. I believe that there needs to be no more discussion on the topic matter.

    Thread closed.

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