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    Anko has normal eyes there just brown, Kurenai's are the weird ones
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    contact lense anyone??

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    I don't think that there is another eye jutsu, there's no legend or myth to back up a third eye sight jutsu but the Byokkugan and Sharingan.. Unless you add Samurais but this is a Ninja anime not a Samurai one.

    Quote Originally Posted by ironmaidenlive22 View Post
    zetsu doesn't wear a forehead protector either. and i don't think it's necessary for you to wear the forehead protector of your village. when you wear it with the slash line it just means that you've cut ties with your village but if you're in akatsuki obviously you've cut your ties with your village.
    Also that those without headbands could be related to one of the low villages without power which could be the reason why that chick & Tobi joined up.
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    From what little we know of Pein's abilities we can probably assume he has some cool clone techniques. Like his eyes might say allow him to read all of an oppenents abilities so then he can make an exact clone of them. - Or something like that.
    That would be pretty powerful - but then he is the AL - and has never lost a battle.
    So anyway thats my 2cents

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    I really really really really hope Pein doesn't have some sort of doujutsu. We have enough doujutsu already! I really hope he has some other cool abilities that don't involve using his weird eyes.

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    wil i still think he is some powerful dude who can control the weather or summon a storm and lighting and all that stuff with the weather

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    pein's abilities (not serious): he might be able to take off his peircings and use them as weapons.

    pein's abilities (serious): probably mainly use water and earth based jutsu.

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    Pein's ability is rain-based.

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    it would be cool if he had a bloodline limit like the 1-2 hokage from the leaf the water one.
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    if you see the manga's artwork it takes alot of attention to the eyesss.. like the whole background is kinda dark and his eyes are bright white with the details.. it would be cool if it was like a branch off the sharingan or bakyugan heh

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