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    One Piece end of one piece

    obviously evry1 will fulfill deire dreams but wat wud be more interesting is de final battle n if u r wonderin hu de final boss will be i hav a hunch it'll be either shanks , or garp the fist and coby n helmeppo or ace n white beard
    coz Oda had said in an interview dat ryt frm de beginning he had planned out de end so dat must mean dat one of de earlier villains or charachters wud be de final boss but since all of de earlier villain captains r weak n defeated i think dat luffy wud find it hard to fyt his mentor nd role model shanks or his gud frnd coby n grandfather garp n his brother ace n rogers equal whytebeard.
    since garp appears to be a realli strong marine n shanks n ace r both yankou one of the 3 great powers dey r most likely de final enemy since ace also seems realli determined to make his captain whytebeard the pirate king .

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    with a *bang*.

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    I think it'll be more of a "DON."

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    AH! GOD FORBID GOD FORBID!!!! long live oda, and please don't let him die before finishing it.

    if he does... my god, i think i will die with him, omg, i can't even think about it...

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    Don't wanna know, Don't wanna know, Don't wanna know, Don't wanna know, Don't wanna know...


    Why don't more people read these mangas?

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