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    One Piece Bleach Episode 178

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    Hey thanks for the link werhwolf1942. That was a weird episode, like freaky, but it was nice to see a chibi Ichigo. So cute~! But sad so sad too! Can't wait for the torrent. For filler, and some cannon flashback, this is a keeper.
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    Bleach Episode 178 has been released in Raw/Sub. The Episode is entitled: "The Nightmare Which is Shown, Ichigo's Inside the Mirror".

    [HorribleRaws] Bleach 178 (Raw Torrent)
    [HorribleRaws] Bleach 178 (Raw DDL)

    [DB]_Bleach_178_[91D0745A] (Sub Torrent)
    [DB]_Bleach_178_[91D0745A] (Sub DDL)
    Naruto Shippuuden Direct D/L (Entire AVI Series)

    Bleach Episodes Direct D/L (Entire AVI Series)

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    this episode reminds me of episode 10 or around that where he fights grand fisher but at one point can't cuz his mom has taken shape but he must overcome her and to strike him and he eventually does and she momentarily speaks to ichigo giving him her dying thoughts

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