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    One Piece One Piece 506 Spoilers

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    Quote Originally Posted by fdbgdg View Post
    from 2ch

    第506話 ロジャーとレイリー
    扉絵 CP9(ry 退院の日 内容 まんま



    ロー「――今日は思わぬ大物に出くわす日だ。・・・さらに大将になんて遭いたくねェんで・・・そこ通して貰 うぞ、バーソロミュー・くま・・・!!」

    レイリーが副船長だって事を知って今更みんなびっくり。サンジが「何故、アンタが捕まらなかっ たんだ?」

    レイリー「(ロジャー)捕まったのではない・・・ロジャーは自首したのだ・・・政府としては力の誇示の為・ ・・・
          ・・・あの公開処刑の日から・・・・4年ほど前か・・・ロジャーは不治の病にかか った・・・
          誰も治せない手の打ち様のない病にさすがのロジャーも苦しんだが、当時海で一番評判の高かった 燈台守でもある医師
          双子岬のクロッカスという男だけがその苦しみを和らげる腕を持っていた。我々は彼に頼み込み最 後の航海に船医として付き添って貰い
          ついにその3年後、ロジャーの命を取り止めつつ・・・・不可能と言われたグランドライン制覇を 成し遂げたのだ」

    レイリー「そこからだ・・・ロジャーは世間から海賊王と呼ばれる様になった・・・何もずっと海賊王だったわ けじゃない・・・
          死に行く男に称号など何の意味もない――だが、ロジャーは喜んでいたな・・・何事も派手にやら かす事が大好きな男でね・・・
          宴もそう・・・戦いもそう・・・己の先のない未来にも一計を案じ楽しんでいる様に 見えた
          やがて船長命令によりロジャー海賊団は人知れず解散し・・・全員バラバラに・・・1人・・・ま た1人姿を消した
          共に命を賭けた仲間達は今やどこで何をしているかほとんど分からない。――そして解散から1年 が過ぎた頃――
          ロジャーは自首し・・・逮捕され・・・あいつの生まれた街ローグタウンで公開処刑 が発表された
          あの日の広場には・・・今、海で名を上げている海賊たちの若き日のそうそうたる顔ぶれが並んで いたと聞く・・・
          海賊王の処刑に世界が注目していた。――私は行かなかったよ。あいつの言った最後の言葉はこう だ・・・」


    レイリー「世界政府も海軍も・・・・驚いたろう。他の海賊達への見せしめの為に行った公開処刑の場が、ロジ ャーの死に際のたった一言で
          大海賊時代の幕開けの式典へと一変したのだからな・・・!!残り数秒、僅かに灯った命の火を奴 は世界に燃え広がる業火に変えた
          あの日ほど笑った夜はない・・・!!あの日ほど泣いた夜も・・・酒を飲んだ夜もない・・・!! 我が船長ながら見事な人生だった・・・・!!!」



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    One Piece One Piece 506 Spoiler Discussion

    Discuss here the spoilers of the upcoming chapter posted in the Spoilers thread.

    No spoilers outside this thread
    Posting spoilers outside the spoiler threads will result in account infractions, there are people who do not wish to get spoiled. Please respect that!

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    In this chap, we know about Roger's death. And at the end of chap, someone apears, I'm not sure that 's Doflamingo. But atleast,SH has been safe .
    I hope what I have read is not the fake
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    from 4ch

    Chapter 506: Roger and Raleigh
    Coverstory: The day to leave the hospital

    Bepo is taking out the marines gracefully.
    Bepo: You're new, so you're under me, ok!?

    Law and company arrives where Kid is at too.
    Kid is already getting ready to fight Kuma.
    Law: ...It seems today is the day where I keep coming across unexpected big shots.
    I don't want to come across an Admiral either, you will let us through, Bartholomew Kuma!

    The scene changes to the Strawhats. They arrive at the rip-off Bar.
    Everyone' surprised to learn that Raleigh was Roger's first mate. Sanji asks "Why didn't you get caught?"

    Raleigh: Roger wasn't caught... he gave himself in. The World Government may have released to the public as if they had caught him, just to show their strength to the world. About 4 years before that day of execution....Roger was diagnosed with an incurable disease.
    Even the mighty Roger suffered greatly at the disease that no one could cure or delay. But then, Crocus of the Twin Point, who was both a renouned lighthouse keeper and a doctor, knew the way to ease the pain. We asked him to come with us for our last sail, and 3 years later, while maintaining Roger's life... we finally achieved what was said to be impossible: The completion of Grand Line.
    Sanji: And after you conquered the seas..?
    Raleigh: The story starts from there... Roger was called the Pirate King by everyone by then... he wasn't always a Pirate King... A title such as that has no meanings to a man who is going to die. But... Roger was happy. He was a man that liked tok make a big show out of everything. He did so with partying, he did so with battles. He seemed to be enjoying even his futureless fate, as part of life.
    Eventually by the Captain's order, the Roger pirates disbanded, and everyone were separated. One after another, they dissapeared.
    I don't even hardly know where the crewmates that we trusted our lives with each other have gone to. And after an year passed after the disbanding... Roger turned himself in, and was arrested... and public execution was announced at his home town of Rogue Town where he was born. That day, in that square.. I hear many young faces of now renounced pirates were to be seen. The whole world was watching the execution of the Pirate King. ....I didn't go. This is the last words he told me.

    Roger: I'm not gonna die you know, partner?

    Raleigh: I'm sure both the World Government and the Marines were astonished. The public execution they held as a warning to the other pirates turned into the start of the Great Pirate Age just from the short phrases uttered by Roger!! In the last seconds of his life, he turned a small flame of life that's about to fade... into a massive firestorm that engulfs the world. I never laughed so hard in my life that day. I also never cried so much than that night... or drank so much. He was my captain, and he lived his life beautifully...!!!

    Then, Raleigh talks to Luffy about Shanks.

    Meanwhile in Grove 27.... Kizaru is spotted coming riding a cannonball.

    Så glöm allt för kung är min riktiga titel.

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    Hmm... the guy in the last page looks like Iceburg. I bet it's that admiral still unkwnon (Kizaru?).

    It's awesome to finally see the complete face of Gol D. Roger, he looks like a mad man with those eyes.

    I hope we finally get Whitebeard vs Shichibukai soon...

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    Finally!, this chapter talks about the late Pirate King Gold Roger.
    It also reveals to the SH that Buggy, Shanks, an Mr. Crocus was part of Rogers Crewmen.
    The guy from the last page was none other than Admiral Kizaru.


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    I'm lost help me :^l
    man things can't get better than this but I thought Dr. Kureha was some how involved with roger.

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    maybe she is, who knows.... I love this chapter, law and kidd against kuma, rayleight tells the so awaited past of Gol D Roger and finally kizaru appears!!!! this will be the best arc ever :O

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    Maybe Kureha was the one who diagnosed Roger.

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    Luffy speaking with full thats the best character ever

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