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    Message from the Blacknoah:

    Quote Originally Posted by Phizzie View Post
    Very lame chapter indeed. We must ask ourselves, "WHEN THE **** WILL GRIMMJAW DIE ?!?!"
    You know what, that's almost the same exact question we asked during the Sasuke vs. Deidara battle! :laugh

    De ja vu all over again, I guess...
    Repeat this after me: I will never take on a god AGAIN! -Omega Rugal KOF '98

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    bleach is starting to loose me. =/ i hope they speed it up and ill love it! i mean the storyline art and theme is so good!

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    2. REVEALS A NEW STATE OF VIZARD, AND ICHIGO GOES BADBOY (like supersaiyan in dbz)

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    Seriously, I think Kubo Tite is running out of ideas. Not only was the battle dull... but Ichigo manage to beat Grimmjow's strongest attack with a NORMAL swing of his sword (without any leveled up move)!?... I fail to see the logic =__=;;

    I hope the battle with Ulquiorra will be a little more interesting.

    P.S; Did I just saw a hint of "compassion" or "acknowledgment" in Grimmjow's eyes in the second last page?

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    where's ichigo power come from? and why does grimmjow just dont-do-anythin

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    Honestly, I really hated this fight. It made so little sense. First Grimmjow is winning, in his regular state, so Ichigo uses his Vaizard mask, then Grimmjow releases Pantera and Ichigo begins getting his ass kicked. So Ichigo "refuses to take the mask off" and is winning, but his mask breaks. And yet Ichigo still draws power magically and manages to fight back when his mask is nearly all broken and Grimmjow is using his best attack. I really like Grimmjow, and seeing such a senseless fight has done nothing but annoyed me.

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    This is just an idea with little to no basis save looking at a bunch of pictures. Ichigo in Vizard form is wearing a full mask. The Arrancar are super hollws of sorts, maintaining only portions of there masks. So Ichigo could have gone to a new level of Vizardesqueness (that's from the dictionary of Jimmy), only maintaining half the mask, nut increasing to greater power.
    Or it was a lame attempt at saying with Inoue being there cheering him on and being a reciever of a promise for his victory Ichigo will win, has caused this determination and increase in defensive power all of the sudden
    A twist I would like to see would be Kurosaki Isshin and Ishida Ryuken coming in and kicking some butt and taking names, as well... explaining the return of Isshin's powers a bit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kurosaki_Naruto_ View Post
    guys don't you see the "secret" message in the start of the chapter? they talk about divine judgement, and something about some colored chapter or sth, so i think its trying to tell us sth important is going to happen in a few chapters time. i think by the second picture (falling gotei 13) i think the gotei 13 is going to raid hueco mundo and put "divine judgement" on aizen and the hollows. wht you think?
    they're shinigami, meaning they're the equivalent of heaven's angels and w/w. the divine judgement was matsumoto's idea of a joke; to smother ichigo in dolls (that he doesn't like) from the sky... it was an omake right?

    oh yes, and ichigo's power came from his "responsibility drive" (lol, yeah right, responsible my ass...) so since he's reponsible for living in order to save his friends, he must live!!! also, i think it's called "resolve" in bleach...
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    Im Pretty sure
    Ichigo Will NOT fight Ulq again for awhile kubo has made it apparent no matter what at this time Ichigo Cannot beat him

    Im pretty sure kubo will have ichigo Beat grimmjow BUT NOT kill him
    so much character devolpment on him to let him die.
    but then again they may but more then that,
    I Seeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    oh please
    Or more of the Captains comming in to save there sorry asses

    <Wishing for a rukia development!>

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    noboy will consume anybody. the thing i can sense is that ichigo will win...then b4 he leaves grimjaw the dude would thank him for showing what is the tru meaning of having friends. then the dude will say becareful for there are othe mothaf***a out there worse than i can. then he would just pass out. lalalala

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