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    Bleach Online Manga Reader suggestion

    Can you place an cancel noticed on mangas that have been canceled.
    Just started to read one and I found out it was canceled.
    I initially thought it was just a short manga but it stinks to start reading one
    and find out later on it was just canceled and not finished.


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    If you may tell me which mangas you had that experience with, maybe I could give you a proper answer; but I don't know exactly what do you mean.

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    I think it'd be nice if there was keyboard navigation on the online reader, like at Onemanga. It's nice to use the arrow keys to move from page to page. I read through Claymore at onemanga instead of here for that reason.

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    Like Mx0 , you have a completed sign, when in actually its been canceled.

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    Mx0 has not (and will not) moved to another magazine, so it has ended, it is completed.

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    Yeah but when i see completed, it sound like the the manga has been fully completed. But in case of Mx0, its been stopped abruptly.

    Well no matter.

    Its ok.

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    The manga has been fully completed. When the author is announced that his series has to end soon, he's probably given like 2 chapters or 3 to put a decent end to it...

    it's not like he finished chapter 99 and afterwards someone told him "Mx0 is cancelled, you're not publishing anymore".

    There's no such thing as incompleted mangas who are finished...

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