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    Ajax Reader

    Hey just a suggestion:
    See if you can make it so the Online Reader is ajax. So when the user clicks next. It just reloads the ads and reloads the image and keeps the same page open. This should decrease server load by quite a bit due to the lack of redundant page loads from css, and JS.

    If you allow me I can make a mock up page.

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    I thought about it when designing it but there are 2 fundamental problems

    Non-JS enabled devices lose the ability to browse manga past page 1. Roughly 1.75% of mangashare users don't have Javascript enabled when they browse - that number may seem small but it's actually a couple thousand unique people.

    The second problem is people lose the ability to link to pages on the reader without hotlinking. Believe it or not it happens a lot on manga forums when they're having a discussion and link to to make their point. From a site owner standpoint it's attractive since it might introduce new people to mangashare, and also they aren't leeching bandwidth for free by linking directly to a page.

    As far as reducing load goes, most modern browsers are cooperative and cache css/js files regularly. Our problems revolve around outdated code with inefficient queries right now - these will be addressed at some point in July with the next major site upgrade. In the future having 2 reading options "Standard and Ajax-Enabled" might be a possibility too.

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    yea I understand the non-js bit. But why not just add a noscript tag and have both?
    I guess this is what you are talking about the second part.

    As for the page url I understand how that it helpful but again you can always have a page link at the bottom.

    Also is there a bookmark feature for the readers? so you can book mark where you were last reading in a series?

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