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    Wait, scratch that. Itachi uses Five-Pronged Seal on Byakuya, and Itachi fries Kenpachi with Amaterasu, but Kenpachi's still standing, so he uses it again, but to no avail. So, Itachi must resort to using Susano-oh.

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    Team 1 wins. Byakuya and Itachi are both badass.

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    I vote for team 1 . Itachi won against Oro with genjutsu and Oro said that Itachi was stronger than him . Itachi also has Susano'o that would just seal him . I think Byakuya is stronger then Kenpachi too because he's very fast . Kabuto was only able to use the Edo Tensei because he took Orochimaru's cells . Kisame would probably be able to hand Kimimaro if he fused with Samehada . Heck , I bet Kisame would be able to take on both Kimimaro and Kabuto .

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