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    i do not like him when he grew up, i like him in his childhood. but it seems some people like him, for someone cosplay him. but i have to say, ora is a poor person.Orochimaru cosplay~

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    I liked him when he was serious and not always goofing around. Like in his early days when he knew he could get hurt and not always grow his shit back, he would take things seriously and show a certain degree of fear I guess. But now hes so immortal and twisted psychologically its just kinda weird, but yeah I still miss him being a threat that no one could see but always knew he was out there >
    A pie in the sky?

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    Why shouldn't I miss him and his creepy tongue he always liked to stick up Sasuke's ass!? :(

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    i miss him getting owned by uchihas all the time :[
    And witness the sparkle within this world of darkness.

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    Don't really see what's to miss tbh.
    Except maybe his voice...

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    personally, as ive prolly mentioned earlier, the manga has passed orochimaru by, as there is no real spot for him anymore but then again, he could be slowly taking over kabuto's body but i would be surprised if we ever see him again.

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    ^ that crossed my mind, but that looks unlikely seeing kabuto as he is now.
    Another way could be the impure otherworld resurrection method as kabuto obviously has his dna.
    Still not sure why never did use it though. Maybe just out of respect... but now that he wants to surpass Orochimaru I don't see why he wouldn't do it.

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