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    Kaze Hikaru

    This is WATANABE TAEKO 's manga. It's about Sei Tominaga_ she disguise herself as a boy and join in Shinsengumi...
    I have read some chaps and it's interesting. Where can I download it?

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    its really a good manga . i recommended anyone to read it. Its quite romantic in its own way

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    i stop at chapter 40 ^.^
    can anyone tell me were can i read the rest ~_~

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    oh god
    i havent read this manga 4 so long
    seriously, i cant find any site that allows me to read KH online
    in my country, manga magazines like Shoujo Beat, Shounen Jump, Lala or Kiss are all ridiculously expensive =____=
    also Taeko sensei is so slow haizz
    im tired of waiting
    slam dunk is no. 1
    Sống trên đời phải tán sao cho ra tán
    Đừng để đến lúc nhắm mắt xuôi tay phải hối hận vì không có em n*o khóc hộ

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