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I don't think he has any anymore. I FIRMLY believe that all Madara can do is physical strikes (breaking ol' dude's neck), phasing, and warping himself and others. I also think it has a lot to do with his battle against Harishima. Sure, Madara likes to say that he "Won the Future", but the fact remains that because the 1st Hokage took such a large chunk of it with him--Madara lost, and just as Itachi said, can only subsist in his diminished state, with only his Sharingan techniques available to him.
In the end, now that he has his Rinnegan, this information is outdated. While his Sharingan is only confirmed to give him his warping ability and basic Genjutsu (which is somehow strong enough to control the Kyuubi), his Rinnegan is the real deal. They're literally the same eyes Nagato used.