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    So the fights are cooler in the anime?

    Bah. Wrong topic area. Sorry. Let me think of something for this area for a moment.

    But anyway. The anime just seems to do more justice to the angles and shots of the bad guys. They're a bit too flashy for my tastes, but once you get past that, I think they're overall more appealing.

    Other opinions?

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    Animated fights are interesting to watch. Especially that one Ichigo vs Grimmjow fight in HM.

    But the manga shows more violence. Like Jidanbo getting his arm sliced off from Gin. In the anime, only his shoulder is injured.

    I like watching some of the anime fights though. Hirako vs Grimmjow, That one Ichigo fight I mentioned earlier. Yoruichi pwning Yammy. Or that Urahara fight vs Yammy. And when Ururu was going berzerk on that one arrancar.

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    actoualy i think the fights in the anime look very slow they could do a exemple of afro samurai and samurai champloo only powered up fight
    manga's and anime i follow or followed

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