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    battlefield: heroes

    the latest battlefield game that's coming out for the pc! open betas are scheduled around this summer...oh and did i mention this game is completely free? yah, that's right this game is free!(although that ad thing in 2142 that used a lot of controversy may be here also, since its free and all(this is a speculation by me)).

    This game is very similar to team fortress, in fact it almost looks exactly the same. since i myself haven't played team fortress before, im gonna guess this is TF with huge effin maps... im pretty excited actually since i really liked battlefield 2..

    heres the website:

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    The betas closed down again but should be up again within a few days. If someone wants a free beta key let me know.

    Even though its a beta the now it is actually quite fun.

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    Team Fortress 2 looks much better ;(, who cares bout the small matters, I will probably download the game <,<, we'll see... WE'll SEE, I'm not gonna try beta... for the lulz

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