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    Order of the Black Knights/Code Geass Fanclub

    Wahaha! Welcome to the Order of the Black Knights/Code Geass Fanclub, established to overthrow Britannia and worship the awesomeness of Geass!

    Leaders of the Order:

    • Zero: Asce
    • Ace Pilot: DukeTheGold
    • Pizza-loving Witch: ReshenKusaga
    • Senior Tactician: Pakkun
    • Communications Expert: Arisato-kun
    • Obligatory Loudmouth: minidevi
    • Research and Development Coordinator: Ravona

    Members of the Kyoto Alliance (5 allowed):

    • Goddess of Victory:
    • Animeartangel
    • [SYN]

    Japanese Liberation Front Members:
    • Leader: CrossX21

    Order of the Black Knights Members:
    • Wolfs_Run
    • Phixion

    Special Guests...
    • Student Body Council President: Arhazivory

    Work in progress...

    Just a random assortment of images .
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