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    A short bonus story with no relation to the original story of the manga, normally a funny gag or something like that.

    Omake - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    whereever you like
    good wallpaper

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    hello. im new to onepice and have read 40 chapters so far. i think its amazing, the best mmnaga ever. i stll got long to go to ctch up to recent chapters.

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    question: are the first 250 or so chapters re-do's or are they the same one that were initially released years ago? y'know, (i'll be blunt) the one with the bad translation job? (not that i blame anybody. it was the early years of scanlation after all and it was only a 1-2 man job)

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    thank you..
    matur numun..(indonesian)

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    one piece is the best
    i never been tired to read it
    long live one piece!!!

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    its been more than 10 yrs already.
    And one piece still keeps getting better and better evry chapter.
    i love it so much.
    whoooo.. ^^,\m/


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    @Jink: can you reupload the Color Walk 2 and Wanted? I can not download them from Sendspace.
    Thanks ^^.

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    the omake links are down too. can someone re upload? plz no wait time and good speeds. or

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    i cant download the capters 100-200 the link doesnt wwork :S

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