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    Quote Originally Posted by paulbee View Post
    Don't use Mangareader, Half the readers can't see images from their site....Plus there's other options, I like Mangapanda.

    Is this the image your referring to?

    Yeah that's the one,

    Didn't know there was an issue with Mangareader, I'll use Mangapanda from now on since it's almost identical.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kiduka View Post
    I don't know about that, I think Orihime is a Fullbringer.

    That looks like Bringer Light to me
    Aren't those her fairies in ready-for-action-mode (beside it might look a little like that because of the editor's or scanlator's fault) ?

    I don't know anymore , but she never used the typical speed/jumping moves of the Fullbringers, nor did she knew anything about Fullbring. If Chad had known that she has the same ability as her, wouldn't he teach her or at least tell her about it ? Especially as both of them promised to get stronger...

    If Hollows can influence human, to the point were they can gain special abilities, it's possible that it is similar for Shinigami. Especially as most of the times, when entering the human realm, they have limiters on their bodies. Not to mention that if the current Quincy are descendants of the previous ones, then it would explain their contact with Shinigami.

    On the other hand, Hollows themselves gain special traits, powers and abilities, which are born from their human (soul) heart:

    Plus Ichigo himself, while still being somewhat human, was able to draw on hollow powers and creating the mask without giving up his heart... at least not fully. So perhaps it's something similar to that ?

    Anyway, in the next chapter the action might move to somewhere else, like to HM, or the other SR (girl, claw, masked man, old gunner).

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    Senior Member paulbee's Avatar
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    I also think those are her fairies.

    BTW I really do believe that Kubo Made up the who Fullbringer thing after the Aizen arc ended. It worked for Chad, but I'm not too sure it works to well for Orihime.

    I am not perfect and I defy you to prove otherwise
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    Kenpachi ain't dead yo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paulbee View Post
    Too short, ended too quickly. Seems we will see Aizen in action after all. So is Yamamoto Genrusai dead? Did Juha Bach leave? If he cut down YamaJii, then why not just destroy SS right here and now?

    Next Week....Ichigo Returns
    Ichigo will return next chapter? that will be great!

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