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well heres the thing i dont think law would be having so much trouble if V did not have his heart. i think if his heart was still in his body he would be putting up a much better fight than this. although i can't wait to see what smoker can do !
I disagree, Law wouldn't have some much trouble. i don't think so.
you make it sound as if it was so easy i rather agree with this statement

Agreed. Law would be forcing Vergo to show much more of his power if he didn't have someone crushing his heart every counter attack he attempted. However, I don't believe Smoker will fair much better. Let's not forget that Caesar is likely on his way to the SAD room himself, and he holds Smoker's heart. My prediction is that Smoker vs Vergo will likely go down the same way Law and Vergo has, the exception being Caesar cripples Smoker.
though he agreed with you , i agree with his explenation LOL